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C omputer Glossary


 Windows key - access Start menu

 Windows key + Pause - open System Properties

 Windows key + D - minimise/restore windows

 Windows key + F - open Search window

 Windows key + F1 - open Help and Support Center

 Windows key + E - open Windows Explorer window

 Windows key + M - minimise all windows

 Windows key + TAB - move through open windows on Taskbar

 Windows key + SHIFT + M - restore all windows

 Hold CTRL while dragging - make a copy of selected item

 Hold CTRL + SHIFT while dragging - make a shortcut to selected item

 CTRL + ESC - open Start menu

 CTRL + C - Copy

 CTRL + X - Cut

 CTRL + V - Paste

 CTRL + A - Select All

 CTRL + Z - Undo

 CTRL + B - Bold highlighted text

 CTRL + U - Underline highlighted text

 CTRL + I - Italicise highlighted text

 CTRL + Plus key - increase browser text size

 CTRL + Minus key - decrease browser text size

 CTRL + ALT + DELETE - open Task Manager

 ALT + underlined letters in menus - open menu item

 ALT + ENTER - show Properties of selected object

 ALT + F4 - close current window or program

 CTRL + F4 - close window within program

 ALT + TAB - switch between open windows or programs

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