HMS TimeControl

TimeControl Overview
There are several types of timesheet systems on the market today. Most common among timesheet systems are ‘Time and Attendance’ systems. These systems are finance driven and often provide the source data for the payroll system as well as tracking sick days, vacations etc. These systems are usually either part of an integrated financial package or, are custom-written for the organization. Another popular type of timesheets are ‘Time and Billing’ systems for the professional market designed in particular for professionals who bill for their services by the hour. Accountants, lawyers and consultants who typically spend a short amount of time in each incident with a client will often track and invoice the time by filling out a small billing or timesheet.
TimeControl is an electronic timekeeping system designed as a multi-purpose system to accommodate not only the needs of time and attendance and time and billing but also to serve project-oriented environments. ‘Management by Project’ is accepted as one of the most effective ways to manage an organization. References to this type of management style can be found throughout current business literature. ‘Management by Project’, ‘Activity-based-costing (ABC)’, ‘Management by Accountability’ and so on all point to a move towards tracking the budget and actual costs by identifiable task and managing the progress against that task at the same time. TimeControl has been designed to serve these multiple needs within the organization at the same time.
TimeControl’s flexible interface also allows Administrators to tailor each component to suit the needs of individuals or groups of users. This allows end users to quickly create, enter, and edit timesheets. For more information on TimeControl, please visit our website at HMS TimeControl