1 DELTEK Integrated Program Management (PPM)

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 Deltek PPM is an integrated suite of project management software for Companies that requires a compliant for ANSI 748 requirements, program controls and earned value managed (EVM).

Deltek EPM helps your team to better manage your projects -demonstrating the real value of program controls



   Enhance your bottom line

   Streamline and optimise project processes and methods

   Win more business

   Ensure project, IT and corporate governance


   Improve project team collaboration

   Measure progress toward objectives

   Complete more projects on time and under budget

Deltek PPM Product range: 

            – Earned Value Management Software Solutions 

Due to increased oversight and demands to more tightly manage project performance, contractors today are under more pressure than ever before. On top of that, contractors must now also meet stringent government mandated reporting, like Earned Value Management (EVM). Without the right tools in place, meeting these requirements can be a monumental challenge.

 Easy-to-use, program-based Earned Value Management

Government agencies and the contractors they hire require that earned value be applied on all new programs of a certain size. Vendors that don’t meet this requirement are at a much greater risk to suffer withheld payment, program termination and litigation, making it critical for contractors of all sizes to implement a system that will accurately measure and help you report on earned value..

           Integrated Project Management Tools
Deltek wInsight is the most widely accepted integrated project management software application in use across federal and state agencies and industry. Used to augment earned value into their management processes, Deltek wInsight facilitates improved performance by utilizing streamlined, user-friendly dashboards and program updates. From the team leader's desktop to the corporate boardroom, or from the program office to the Pentagon, Deltek’s integrated project management solution has become the tool of choice for integrated project management, assessment and reporting.

– The Industry-Leading Project Management Platform Designed Specifically For Program Managers and Project Leaders

Being blind-sided by project surprises that stem from a lack of visibility, process inconsistency and untrustworthy data is the last thing project teams need. Yet within the world of program management, organizations are still struggling to effectively manage the complex programs that contain equally complex relationships and countless moving parts—all because they lack a single, centralized platform to integrate information and keep projects on track. 


– Enterprise Program Management Software Solution

Deltek Open Plan is an enterprise-class program management solution that offers the power and flexibility to complete medium to large or multiple projects on time and on budget. With multi-project analysis, critical path planning and resource management, Deltek Open Plan offers the power and flexibility to serve the differing needs of business, resource and project managers. Using Deltek Open Plan as your project management enterprise software can improve project success, enabling you to allocate project resources more effectively and share project information across the enterprise. By employing Deltek’s enterprise management software to even the most complex deadlines and project controls, your business can strengthen its reliability to clients and prove that your company is worth repeat business.

–  Acumen Fuse is a schedule diagnostics tool that pinpoints and resolves shortcomings in a matter of minutes. No more time is wasted on manual validation techniques that take your project team away from their core project work.

 Evaluate and Eliminate

  Analyze it All… in One Place 

Report and Publish

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Acumen Fuse helps you see it all so you can develop and execute the soundest schedules possible with consistent success.

– Demands for faster, cheaper project completion are forever present. However, the task of accelerating a schedule to meet owner or contractually driven requirements is extremely difficult and time consuming. Deltek Acumen 360 helps make this acceleration a reality.

Acumen 360: Effortless Acceleration

Generate Scenarios… Automatically

True Decision Support

Recover Slips and Delays

What used to take a professional weeks of manual schedule manipulation now takes only minutes with Acumen 360; accelerated and defendable schedules at your fingertips.

Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis tools don’t have to be complicated in order for them to provide true and accurate risk forecasts. Deltek offers Deltek Acumen Risk, a full-featured, easy-to-use cost and schedule risk analysis tool.

Acumen Risk: Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Clear. Accurate. User Friendly.

Risk Analysis & Risk Register Combined

Cost & Schedule – Truly Integrated

Acumen Risk combines high fidelity risk analysis with an easy-to-use project-team oriented user interface – your perfect risk workshop, in a streamlined risk tool…Deltek’s Kona Business solution is a cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform that empowers individuals and groups to connect, organize and get things done together.