What do you do?
Our main activity is the Sunday clubrun.
We generally stay out all day, but some people with other commitments peel off at the morning coffee stop or after lunch.
We organise more competitive cycling events as part of the CTC Tourists' Competition, these are usually also part of the Audax UK calendar. These rides challenge you to extend your distances and test your self-sufficiency (the shorter ones are great social occasions too).
We also go away for weekends and holidays. See the Events list.
How far do you go?
This varies according to the season ~ winter rides are shorter. Our Sunday rides are
normally about 50/60 miles. If that sounds a long way, remember you don't have to do it all. Turning back after elevenses might mean a round trip of 30 miles or so. (See Other groups for information about their rides.)
Do you go fast?
We are touring cyclists, not racers. We like to encourage newcomers and are kind to them on hills. And practice makes perfect. After a few weeks, you'll stop noticing the pace or dreading the hills. Until that happy day, we will wait for you.

If you are interested in speed then you should contact the
Westerley Road Club or the Gregarios

How do you cope with traffic?
Mostly we try to avoid the worst of it. The ride leaders know the quieter lanes and bridleways and can largely avoid main roads. However, there is no escaping traffic so, if you aren't confident, try cycle training with the CTC

Does it matter what sort of bike I ride? 
Not at all, although it must be roadworthy. The better (and lighter) your bike, the easier it will be. The rest of the group will appreciate the use of mudguards in wet weather. Don't forget waterproofs, spare inner tubes and a puncture repair kit. Do bring lights in the winter as we sometimes get home after dark.
Do you ride offroad?
Sometimes. We mostly ride on quiet roads and lanes but may occasionally take to a bridlepath if the surface is good.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
No. Our advice is yes, but it is up to you. Most of us wear them. The CTC is opposed to compulsory helmet use and there is further information on the website.

How old must I be?
There are no limits ~ only your ability. Many of our regulars are veterans. Pre-teens must be accompanied by an adult. We usually have lunch in a pub, so this is a limitation.

So I'm not too old to ride a bike again?
No. Medical experts agree that cycling will do you nothing but good, as long as you are in good health. But take it easy at first, train steadily and after the initial aches you'll start enjoying the buzz.

I'm a woman. Am I welcome?
Yes. Everyone is welcome. Over a quarter of our members are women. Cycle touring is a skill which doesn't require brute strength.

What is the Cyclists' Touring Club
CTC is the UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation, and has been protecting and promoting the rights of cyclists since 1878. It is a not-for-profit organisation that is funded through its membership and donations. CTC has around 60,000 members encompassing all ages and types of cyclists.

CTC provides a wide range of activities and services for new and existing cyclists. These include local groups with a huge range of rides, local and national events, and the CTC Cyclists Helpline for advice on all cycling matters. Third party insurance and legal aid are free to all members. The members’ magazine, Cycle, is free six times a year. Search the CTC website for lots more information.

What do you do when you're not on your bikes?
We have a club night at 8.30 on the second Thursday each month, at Glebe Hall in Stanmore. Usually someone shows cycling slides, sometimes we just have tea, cakes and a chat
. We meet across the road at Wetherspoons beforehand. We go for walks if it is too icy for cycling, also locally on New Years Day and Castleton in Derbyshire in November.

Could I talk to someone before coming out?
Certainly. Either our Secretary, Margaret Sutherland (Contacts), or one of the ride leaders would be happy to speak to you (Sunday rides)

Will it cost much?
You are welcome to come along as a guest and try a few rides with us for free. After 5 rides you will need to join the