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Dear Friends at Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church,

When I last met to pray with my good Taiwanese friend, Nicole, I had some big news, "We'll be in California this summer for missionary furlough." She asked, "Is this furlough an extended vacation?" "No!" I answered, "Missionary furlough is when we speak from church to church and ask them to support missionary work overseas."

I was surprised when she grabbed both of my hands and with tears in her eyes pleaded, "Helen, you must tell them to rise up and PRAY for Taiwan! They don't live in a land where people are tormented by fear and bondage to idol worship. Tell them to imagine walking by 95% of their neighbor's homes seeing inside tall idol shelves and red lamps lit inside for the ancestor spirits. Consider how 2 out of every 3 pregnancies in Taiwan end in abortion. We have generations living in bondage to sin and guilt!" She paused, unable to say anymore from grief and finally said "Please, Helen, go back and tell them what life is really like with the spiritual darkness here." As I cried together with her, we moved into a precious time of prayer and worship. So those are my directions and words to remember when I next see you in America. We are spiritual ambassadors, your bridge to the believers here in Taiwan.

New Life, New Year

Around Chinese New Year, most Taiwanese burn temple money and place food offerings to ancestors and gods to begin their year. When we visited new Christians, Dan & his Mom, their ancestral idol shelf had been replaced with a piano, bibles, and a cross on top. I shared a favorite painting of new life from our artist friend who is a strong evangelistic believer

Dan's Mom shared that this year, "We are so free! I don't have to be busy shopping and preparing for the idol worship as in times past." The before and after Christ condition of their lives is so apparent. Dan's mental illness issues are improving. Before he was non-verbal at some visits, unable to even carry a conversation. Now he is able to respond in full sentences to questions and even shows smiles. However, they have not been baptized or joined a church, so please pray that their faith would grow and connect well with other believers.

Help Wanted This Summer

We will be renting an apartment in Oakland, California from June 29-September 8. We haven't found a car yet, and will need a lot of help tutoring our children for their English and Chinese schoolwork. If you would like to help with missionary work, check our help wanted page for details. Most days we plan on visiting 2-3 supporting families or churches so we can have the best chance of reconnecting with many of you.

Many Taiwanese people are amazed that you care about them. "Wow! They (American Christians) have such loving hearts to support non-profit work in Taiwan." Believers especially have gratitude and amazement with us, for friends like you who support the ministry. We're glad many generous donations recently came, so our paycheck wouldn't get cut by lack of funds. If just 10 new people would start giving and 20 current supporters increase their regular giving, we could be fully funded. Currently, our ministry functions with 76% of the necessary funds each month. Your giving plans help us better budget and enable us to keep at work toward healing communities in Taiwan following Jesus together

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中亞事工 NAC-Northwest Ascending Campaign

posted Feb 28, 2015, 12:07 PM by Ryan Zhou   [ updated Apr 18, 2015, 11:51 PM ]


  • 宣教士培訓:與當地牧者同工合作,宣教士的培訓繼續進行
  • 農業:高經濟效益的有機農作與冬季室內種植技術,已經開始小規模生產,但是仍需克服鹼性水質與供電不穩的問題
  • 庇護:第一位因信主而遭受逼迫的肢體,已經入住。她因信主而被穆斯林男人輪姦、並威脅殺害全家
  • 孤兒:幫助孤兒製作精緻工藝品、在網上銷售的三個團隊(工廠、物流、網上作業)正在同時籌備中
  • 英文事工:學英文在中亞極為熱門,為了儲備本地的未來宣教士,也作為福音觸外的管道,我們積極投入英文教學事工。海外與本地團隊,帶領暑期兒童、大專英語營,也建立常態性課後班、成人班
  • 營會:藉著暑期營會,我們訓練領袖同工,也傳揚福音,並有機會將福音帶給穆斯林孤兒院的孩子們
  • 義診:暑假十數位醫療人員,突破種種關卡與限制,進到天山裡的城鎮,舉行高質量的義診工作,祝福當地百姓,也幫助教會在社區中得著甚大肯定。

台灣東北角基督教會 Northeast Taiwan Christian Church

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台灣東北角基督教會 Northeast Taiwan Christian Church


Only the local trains stop every few hours.  Passengers whether speeding through or disembarking can see a lighted sign—a sign of hope—a sign announcing good news. Soon surfers, sufferers and seekers whether local or touring will be able to find a different kind of Wave in Big Creek.  The very fact that the sign is hanging there represents a partnership of prayer warriors, senders, donors and missionaries.  Individually they have collectively heard a still small voice in their hearts.  “Go into Big Creek and preach the good news... Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.”  (Mark 16:15,16 paraphrased). 

Long live the Word of GOD!

ISI-International Students Inc.

posted Feb 17, 2015, 7:55 PM by Canaan Mandarin   [ updated Feb 17, 2015, 7:59 PM ]

 因為有一個嬰孩為我們而生,有一個兒子賜給我們;政權必擔在他的肩頭上;他的名必稱為“奇妙的策士、全能的 神、永恆的父、和平的君”。 他的政權與平安必無窮無盡地增加,他在大衛的寶座上治理他的國,以公平和公義使國堅立穩固,從現在直到永遠。萬軍之耶和華的熱心必成全這事。 ~ 以赛亚书 9:6-7

International Students Inc.是一個著重於向在舊金山灣區的留學生傳福音的事工。主要的事工包括:

English Corner @ CSUEB

每週四晚上,ISI 將來自不同國家的留學生聚集在一起,分享不同的背景,文化,經歷,並彼此建立友誼和信任。ISI的同工還幫助留學生們提高他們的英語,帶領各式各樣的活動豐富留學生的生活。

We gather together with students every Thursday on campus to give them opportunities to build bonds of friendship and trust. Students exchange ideas, culture and personal experiences with each other. I help them with their English and share about activities and events coming up that they might want to join. 

Ministry at CSUEB - Hayward

Students and volunteers from our International Student Fellowship (ISF) filled, packed and shipped boxes of love to children around the world. For many years we have partnered with Operation Christmas Child to give students an opportunity to share the love of God with boys and girls around the world. We have seen consistent numbers of students attending the International Student Fellowship on Friday nights. During this past quarter we've shared the seeds of the Gospel with many students. Please pray that those seeds will produce a crop of new souls for the Kingdom. Pray for continued seed planting with returnee students and new students this coming quarter, which begins January 5th. 

Our ISF ministry will begin again on Friday night, January 9th, at Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley. Pray for the following:
  • A good turnout for that event
  • Our welcome dinner on campus during the second week of January
  • Our weekly English Corner gatherings on campus。

Bay Area Ministries

San Mateo – Please pray for connections with students on campus and workers from local churches.

Pleasant Hill – The International Christian Fellowship ministry is going wonderfully. Many students are connected with local Christian volunteers to learn about God’s love. 
 – The ministry at Ohlone College is continuing to see many students discovering God through the home fellowship group on Friday nights led by one of the faithful leaders.

San Francisco – Ministry continues to move forward in strength and vigor here led by our staff, Calen Thomas and his wife, Sheryl.

South Bay – Our ministries at San Jose State, De Anza College/Foothill and Stanford are connecting with hundreds of bachelor, masters and doctorate students. Our staff, Dennis Low and Norm Jang, are doing an awesome job connecting, sharing God’s love and mobilizing others to share Christ’s love with the students.

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