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 All of my basses  are available for sale. Visit  to view them all. If there is any bass you are interested in , just sent me a email and we'll talk.  Below are just a few of the basses that are available.

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Alembic Stanley Clarke Brown Bass BB5B4 W/LEDs

Still look new, never been gig, never been took out of the house. Still has the original strings!
Could be sold as new.

 hold, pending payment


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34" Landing custom L4 


$925 OBO

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These other basses are used, Please E-mail if you need more pictures or if you want to know the exact condition of the bass.


Carl Thompson



62494 CT 8string  $6500 OBO

RARE only 2 Of this style 8 strings have been made during Carl thompsons long career as a luthier



80s spellbinders #3,#4 previously owned by Stanley Clarke   short scale (50 made) $5900  long scale (1 right, 1 left-given to Paul Mccartneyas a gift) $8900 OBO


2002 &2004 spellbinder prototypes for limited run of 125 to be released late 2007  2750$ each OBO 

more pics:


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