CTA Registration 2013

In an attempt to improve throughput figures, achieve more success in SAICA QE1 and spread learning material volumes in accordance with notional hours, the Unisa School of Accounting Sciences has changed its postgraduate programmes preparing students for the SAICA QE1.
From 2012, the SAICA accredited postgraduate programme, the Hons BCompt (CTA) has been replaced by a two-year programme (structured as two separate Postgraduate Diplomas where the first could be used as an exit route from the CA qualification path). An Advanced Diploma will be introduced from 2014 as a one year bridging programme.
The SAICA accredited postgraduate CTA programme will thus be presented over two years (except for certain repeat candidates who will still be allowed to follow the one-year programme) as two separate Postgraduate Diplomas, where the first may also serve as an exit route from the CA qualification path (register for MCompt or MPhil[Accounting] instead of doing CTA Level 2). 
  • CTA Level 1 - Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Sciences (Qualification code 0569X). Click here for more information on the qualification.
  • CTA Level 2 - Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences  (Qualification code 98255). Click here for more information on the qualification. 
The curriculum will be spread over two years with approximately two-thirds cover in CTA Level 1 and one-third in CTA Level 2. CTA Level 2 students will also be provided with various case studies to assist them in preparing for the exams.
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Click here for more info on the Hons BCompt (Qualification code 04642).
Registration for 2013 opens on 26 November and continues until 25 January 2013 for CTA Level 1 and CTA Level 2. You will have to pay the minimum required registration fee per module by the 1st of February before your registration will be finalised for 2013. No registration will be processed if the fees are received after the appropriate closing date.
You will not be able to register if you do not have a Unisa student number. If you do not have a student number you must first apply to Unisa to receive a student number in the next application period. Please go to the Unisa website (http://www.unisa.ac.za/mychoice) for the dates for the next application period. As a transitional arrangement for 2013 students from residential universities will be granted an opportunity to apply  to study at Unisa from 3 December 2012 to 11 January 2013. Please see the Additional Application Period - Information.pdf document attached to this web page.
The proposed study programme commences on Monday, 14 January 2013 and the first test is written on 9 March. It is thus vital that you register as soon as possible so that you are ready to start your study programme on 14 January and are properly prepared for the first test. Please note that students must obtain a year mark of 30% based on the average of the three best test marks in order to be granted exam admission. This rule will be strictly applied!
Please direct all CTA admission and registration queries to EconCTA@unisa.ac.za
Please direct all undergraduate admission and registration queries to econ@unisa.ac.za
Please direct an e-mail enquiry to one e-mail address at a time. This will ensure that there is no confusion as to who must respond, thereby preventing unnecessary delays in the reponse.
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Click here to see more information regarding the bridging programme.

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