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Sierra Service Center

The following is part of the Rules of Operation for the Sierra Service Center Council:


B.    General Purposes.  This document is intended to implement the Rules of Operation with special regard to performance of the following functions by the Sierra Service Center Council:

 1.     Provide a center for exchange of information and discussion of actions under consideration by the State Council of Education.

2.     Serve as a forum and hearing body on issues referred through the CTA governance structure, by Council and/or Board action (i.e. CTA Budget Hearings).

3.     Coordination of membership participation in regional CTA activities, including workshops, multi‑district Council seat elections, NEA delegate elections, political activities, including endorsement of legislative candidates and legislative contact programs.

4.     Assist in the identification of priorities for and evaluation of regional programs and service needs, and refer concerns from Chapters to the CTA Governance structure.


       The following Associations are within the Sierra Service Center Council boundaries:


          Arvin TA                               Greenfield EA                     Panama-Buena Vista TA

         Bakersfield Elem. TA               Kern County EA                  Richgrove TA

          Beardsley TA                         Kern High FA                     Richland TA

          Belridge TA                           Kernville TA                       Rio Bravo-Greeley TA

          Buttonwillow TA                     Lakeside TA                      Rosedale TA

          Delano Elem. TA                    Lamont TA                        South Fork TA

          Delano High TA                     Linns Valley TA                  Standard TA

          DiGiorgio TA                         Lost Hills TA                      Taft Elem. TA

          Edison TA                             Maple TA                          Taft High TA

          El Tejon TA                           Maricopa FA                      Vineland TA

          Fairfax TA                             McFarland TA                    Wasco Elem. TA

          Fruitvale TA                          Midway TA                        Wasco High TA    

          General Shafter TA                 Norris TA                     


George Melendez,
Oct 6, 2011, 12:19 PM