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Classroom Teachers Report for 2012-13 School Year


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Most Recent Newsletter for March 11, 2014

Building A Positive Relationship

On Saturday, March 22nd, Ginger Jenzen, Joe Hermann and CTAB President Rob Curry met with California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, State Superintendent of Public Education Tom Torlakson at the annual Santa Clara County CTA Legislative Breakfast.  Joining us was BUSD Superintendent Will Ector and Board of Trustee Member Thelma Boac.  

Among the main topics were the effects of Common Core, the need for accommodations in Smarter Balanced for EL and Special Education Students and the outlook for funding under the Local Control Funding Formula and the Local Control and Accountability Plan.

Berryessa was the only district from dozen represented to have invited their superintendent and board members to attend with us,

Legislative Breakfast 2014

Bargaining Update

Bargaining Dates

Despite the request by CTAB to start Negotiations in March, the district changed the dates to the following dates:

April 14,

May 9,

May 16,

May 29,

May 30.

The original dates the Association had originally had agreement from the district had been : 3/31, 416, 5/7, 5/29. The district had turned down our initial proposal for several dates throughout March.

BUSD Sunshine Proposals  Approved 3/11/14

Election Results (03/10/2014)

Results of 2014 CTA of Berryessa Election


For detailed campaign rules, see our By-Laws or contact Election Committee Chair Lidia Segoviano at l_segoviano@hotmail.com 

Membership indicated a desire to keep calendar as it currently is.  The School Board will finalize the school year calendars at the March 11th Board Meeting.

Members Prioritize Bargaining Concerns

From January 26 through February 6th at 4PM, CTA of Berryessa Members gave input on the Articles to be considered for negotiating as we now start bargaining for the 2014-17 school years.
Two surveys were conducted, one for General Ed members and another with additional questions for Special Education members.

We have included those priorities in our Sunshine of Articles we wish to negotiate, which CTA of Berryessa President Rob Curry will present to the Board of Trustees at the February 25th Special Board Meeting.  Of course, compensation is our top priority.

CTAB Sunshine 2014-2017

Contract Focus:  

Assignment and Transfer Timeline

Assignment Transfer Timeline Graphic

Sick Leave/Maternity Leave/ Family Leave and Personal Necessity Leave
(Remember, when taking Personal Necessity Days, do NOT tell anyone the reason why)

Maternity, Sick Leave and Personal Necessity

CTAB of Berryessa

From Our Archives

CTAB and District Reach Tentative Agreement

Ratification Meeting Set for January 7th 3:45 at Mt. Hamilton 
Ratification Balloting Jan 6-7 

The Executive Board has voted to encourage membership to approve the tentative agreement.  Below is the Organizing Teams statement:

Take the 4 and Go Back for More 2.doc

The following is the settlement statement drafted by the Negotiations Team and the District:


From November 2013
CTAB Membership Turns Out

At the November 19th monthly BUSD Board meeting, scores of CTA of Berryessa members were heard.  Although only 8 or so spoke, the solidarity of the rest of the members and our CSEA and Teamster colleagues who stood as each speaker spoke  was a great show of solidarity.  The next school board meeting is scheduled for December 10th.

Pamela Thomasson of Noble addresses the School Board
(Photo courtesy of David Cohen)

Good Evening. 
On behalf of the 400+ members of the California Teachers Association of Berryessa, I wish to present the proposals our association wishes to negotiate, 
In the past 6 years, I and my 3 most recent predecessors as 
president have had to see a series of negative impacts on our 
members multiple furlough days and a flat cap on benefits 
which has led to our members seeing their out of pocket 
contributions go up drastically….up to 600 or more dollars per 
Many of our members have had to take out loans to keep 
afloat. Some have had to take second jobs to make ends meet. 
We know that the district wishes to attract and retain quality 
teachers. Providing afair and substantial increase in compensation is the best way to do so. 
We hope that the recent actions of this board in approving 
compensation increases (of 9%+) to unrepresented employees 
indicates the acknowledgement that all employees should likewise have their compensation raised similarly. 
Thank you.

2013-14 School Year Calendar Adopted  View here

Your Union Leadership

President Rob Curry
Call 650-763-7526

 Vice President /
Council Rep 
Joe Hermann
Enrico Amutan
Melanie Ontiveros
 MS Rep Liz Karzag
 Elem Rep 
Ginger Jenzen
 Elem Rep John Cheadle

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