Ham Radio at CT7AEZ
Grid: IM59ih

Licensed Radio Amateur Since 1996. Active mainly in PSK31, RTTY, MGM and CW on HF bands. Since 13 December 2011 using call sign CT7AEZ after a licence upgrade, my old call sign is CT2GET.

My QSO's are 90% CW, 3% Data and 7% Phone... more or less.

Operating position

 No microphone station

Currently I am using the following equipment:

Kenwood TS-590S;

KD1JV MTR second run;

RockMite 30;

Vertical Ground Plane antenna 10 meters long and 6 Meters up with SGC-230 Smartuner;

OCF Dipole antenna;

Sometimes I am also in portable operation, I'm a SOTA enthusiast. So you can spot me with the CT7AEZ/P call sign.

I use my QRP radios with a wire or delta loop mounted on a 10 m fibreglass pole.

I do try to participate in some points programs, but only to support them, I don't really do this in a competitive way.

CT-QRP-CLUB Nr. #014

EPC # 17218

SKCC #10923

Licença Creative Commons
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