My Experiments

Unique Hits


When we have restrictions in mounting the station antennas, we start to make experiments with other alternative ways. It was what I did.

I made and test several antennas, the magnetic loops was on of them. In my research, I read many things and this kind of antennas seemed to be the solutions for my problem. They are small and in some cases very small indeed. In my research it seems that this antennas was announced as a miracle. Even inside shack we could make astonished contacts, cause the antenna works the magnetic part of the wave. Unfortunately I verified that this is not totally truth. That is truth if the shack is a really wood shack. If the building is brickwork, you beter forget the part of miracle.

Butterfly Capacitor

Big MagLoop Capacitor

CT1ECW Lourenço,
15/08/2015, 15:32