You are looking at a very unique vehicle.  For two reasons:  the 427 SOHC motor, being an original Ford crate motor from Oct 10th 1966, I believe is priceless.  A piece of automotive history so rare as to take your breath away.  And two, as the QA inspector for Shelby Automobiles during the production run of these vehicles, I am sure this is a one-of-one car.  It is uniquely-optioned by virtue of the powerplant, but it also has several features  that were not available as options - executed at the factory.

For the engine - it is distinguished by having a QEC-X-XXX serial number on the block - around the corner from the oil filter adapter housing.  My serial number is QEC-7-367.  That makes this engine the 367th produced on one batch of 500 engines.  To have this is to have a piece of automotive history so rare as to be, in my estimation, priceless - auction sales of original crate motors and SOHC engines in general, would seem to support that statement.  As an original crate motor it also has a Holman-Moody serial number stamped on the block boss on the right-front (of the four block bosses).  CSX4786 has 6HM280 - I interpret that to mean the 280th finshed crate motor for the year 1966.  Again, to me, this is absolutely priceless - as someone who values Ford Motor Company history.  I asked Lee Holman Jr. if any records were kept from back in the day and he replied, no.  Lastly, a date code of 6K10 is stamped onto the boss above the oil filter adapter housing.  That translates to October 10th 1966:  6 = 1966, K = October and 10 = day-of-month.

The primary purpose of this site is to illustrate the build process that went into making this monster.  This was basically a five-year endeavor that began with acquiring the engine - and mating it to the Shelby - so as to look like it belonged there from the beginning. 

I will detail the build from inception to finshed vehicle.  Please follow that in the Build of CSX4786 section.

The car was finished in Las Vegas by the Shelby team and is listed in the Shelby World Registry.

If you have this bad-boy in your garage....'nuff said.