Welcome--Christmas 2013

The Tradition Continues...

                                                     Here is the 6th Annual Christmas Light drive through Colorado Springs.  The drive should take around 2.5 hours (including watching time and coffee breaks).  Remember that most places shut off their lights by 10 on weekends and 9 on weekdays.  Have fun and please pass this on to anyone who would like them!

      Remember these basic rules:
        1.  Always park on the opposite side of the street, turn off your lights, but leave on your parking lights.
        2.  Do not block driveways of neighbors or park in front of other cars enjoying the show.
        3.  Some places have lights that match with music.  These houses have a radio station posted in front of the house.  Tune to that station to enjoy the show.
        4. If places are crowded, please only watch for one cycle.
        5. A couple houses collect donations for different charities.  Please feel free to donate.

        Here is a list of the houses on the list this year:

        Destination #1: N Weber St & E Caramillo St

        Destination #2: 1017 E Dale St (LAST YEAR!)

        Destination #3: Old Broadmoor Rd & Broadmoor Ave

              Destination #4: 2570 Nadine Dr

              Destination #5: 6690 Barrel Race Dr

              Destination #6: 3565 Windjammer Dr

              Destination #7: 3344 Greenmoor Ct

              Destination #8: Clovercrest Dr‎

              Destination #9: Springcrest Rd‎

              Destination #10: 1263 Shrider Rd

      More detailed driving directions are written below.