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What is a online video?

Media recorded either with a webcam or external video camera, then posted online to a video sharing service for distribution. The video is optimized for easy viewing online and usually also able to be embedded in another website or online course like Blackboard.

Why use a video?

  1. Add another "personal dimension" to an online course
  2. Engage auditory and visual learners

Possible Educational Applications of Video

  1. Video announcements and personal messages from the instructor
  2. Introduction / wrap-up to unit activities
  3. Exam review tips
  4. Microlectures
  5. Student-generated content, project deliverable alternative
  6. Many, many more!

Examples of Video

Free Video Sharing Tools

How To Get Started with Video

  1. Acquire an inexpensive video camera
  2. Record your video
  3. Edit your video (optional)
  4. Upload to a video sharing service

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