Angela Huxel

Vice President

    Julia Way


    Bridget Weber


    Eric Mault

Publicity Officer

    Aja Mattise-Lorenzen

I'm a biology major with a minor in Spanish and a proud member of the Class of 2017! I've been dancing for just over a year, and my favorite style is Lindy Hop (by a landslide). I first started dancing on my 18th birthday because I wanted to branch out, meet new people, and try something new before college. My favorite part about dancing has to be that it lets you forget about your problems and helps you express the sheer joy that comes from being alive. If you ever have any questions, I'm happy to help! I hope to see you out on the dance floor!

Internet Tech

    Kristin O'Neill

As a proud member of the class of 2016, I'm an English/Creative Writing major minoring in Physics. I've been dancing West Coast Swing for almost five years now, and though it remains my favorite dance, I've come to love Lindy Hop as well, which I picked up last year when I joined the Swing Society! My dad first introduced me to dancing, but I fell in love with it and had to keep up with it! My favorite part about dancing is the community - everyone you meet is so friendly and there just for the love of dance and to have a good time. Nothing is better than just losing yourself in the dance. See you on the dance floor!


    Luke Isakson