CSU Sacramento Learning Assistant Program

Sacramento State’s Learning Assistant (LA) program is based on University of Colorado-Boulder’s internationally renowned program. Our goal is to turn STEM students on to the excitement of teaching, which will increase the desperately short supply of highly qualified K-12 science teachers.  The learning assistant role is to facilitate discussion, helping to transform the instructor-centered environment typical of  large-enrollment classes into a more interactive, collaborative, and engaging one. LAs receive training directly from the class instructor, and also participate in a weekly pedagogy course.

In Spring 2015 the program will likely include biology (BIO 1 and BIO 2), and physics (PHYS 11A, and PHYS 11C) courses. Students interested in working in high school classrooms are also welcome to apply and may earn upper division units.
Spring 2015 LA Supported Classes
Course Meeting time and place Faculty
BIO 1              TR 1:30-2:45pmRussel Croel
BIO 2 MW 4:30-5:45pm, DLN 1010 Prof. Kelly McDonald
BIO 2 TR 9-10:15am, SQU 338 Prof. Heather Brown
PHYS 11A MWF 11-11:50am, MND 1015Prof. Vera Margoniner
PHYS 11A TuThF noon-12:50pm, MND 1015 Prof. Matthew Block
PHYS 11C MWF noon-12:50pm, MND 1015 Prof. Jerome Buerki
PHYS 11A Lab W 4-6:50pm, SQU 236 Prof. Vera Margoniner
PHYS 11A Lab Th 1-3:50pm, SQU 236 Prof. Jerome Buerki
PHYS 11C Lab M 1-3:50pm, SQU 236 Prof. Vera Margoniner
PHYS 11C Lab M 4-6:50pm, SQU 236 Prof. Matthew Block

The mandatory pedagogy course will meet on Fridays from 1-2:50 pm.
We will hold our information meeting for Spring 2015 semester on Friday Nov 21 from 1-3pm in Del Norte 1010. Please take a moment to rsvp if you plan on attending - all are welcome but we want to have an approximate head count. It is also okay if you can't stay for the whole time. 

You can check out this presentation to learn a little more about our program. If you have questions please contact one of the professors.

The LA program at Sacramento State

Ready to become a Learning Assistant? Fill out an application (link becomes live in June-July, and December-January). Students who apply by Friday Jan 2 will receive priority. If you fill out an application and your plans change please let us know as soon as possible so another student can be hired. Notify us by sending an email to prof. Margoniner or to prof. McDonald.
The LA program ran at Sacramento State for the first time in Fall 2011. Five LAs worked with about 80 students enrolled in an Introduction to Astrobiology (ASTR 4C) class. Students and LAs worked collaboratively on projects that were presented during our end of semester celebration.

The program was a smashing success and both LAs and students loved the experience! Here are the LA answers as to whether they would like to repeat the experience:

LA 1: Absolutely! I loved every minute of working with the students, helping them develop their strategy, and experiencing the final products.

LA 2: Yes I would like to work as an LA in the future. Not only was it a pleasure to work with Dr. Margoniner and the other learning assistants, but the experience was valuable and teaching what I have learned from previous semesters helped me to retain the material.

LA 3: I would love to work as an LA in the future. I had a lot of fun doing this project, and I would like to see what improvements we can make to it in the future.

LA 4: Yes, LA position was not just a job opportunity for me. I learnt so many things as LA. How to deal with different people, punctuality, and communication skills, and learn more about Science. I Love this position because I know that every day I am going to help students and at the same time I gain so much of knowledge from students too. My goal Is to become one of the best LA's of our group and make this program a success.

LA 5: I'd like to continue to be a LA in the future because enjoy the project based learning. Using the system gets students self-motivated to learn about physics, it makes things more enjoyable and even more fun to work with students who really want to learn.

The entire Fall 2011 experience is documented in detail (with pictures and links to the projects) here: http://webpages.csus.edu/~vemargon/LA/
In Spring 2012 we expanded the program to two classes: Physics in Our World (PHYS 10) and Introduction to Astronomy (ASTR 4B). Funds from the CSU Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI, http://www.calstate.edu/teachered/msti) were used to help support 8 LAs.
In Fall 2012, Spring 2013, and Fall 2013 the program was expanded to include biology students who wanted to explore a career in K-12 STEM teaching. LA programs ran in PHYS 11A and BIO 2 (Cells, Molecules, Genes).
In Spring 2014 the program expanded once again to include BIO 1 and GEOG 1. This expansion was partially due to a Promising Course Redesign grant from the Chancellor's Office. An e-portfolio documenting the experience is currently under development and we welcome your feedback on it.

Fall 2014 LA Supported Classes
CourseMeeting time and placeFaculty
BIO 1MWF 10-10:50am, SQU 338Dr. Russel Croel
BIO 2MW 4:30-5:45pm, DLN 1010Prof. Kelly McDonald
BIO 2TR 9-10:15am, SQU 338Prof. Heather Brown
GEOG 1TR noon-1:15pm, AMD 309Prof. Mathew Schmidtlein
PHYS 11AMWF 11-11:50am, MND 1015Prof. Jerome Buerki
PHYS 11ATuThF noon-12:50pm, MND 1015Prof. Vera Margoniner
PHYS 11AMWF 3-3:50pm, MND 1015Prof. Matthew Block
PHYS 11A LabW 1-3:50pm; W 4-6:50pm, SQU 236Prof. Vera Margoniner
PHYS 11A LabTh 9-11:50am, SQU 236Prof. Jerome Buerki
PHYS 11A LabF 8-10:50am, SQU 236Prof. Matthew Block

Spring 2014 LA Supported Classes
 Course      Meeting time and place  Faculty
 BIO 1     TR 7:30-8:45am, MND 1003  Prof. Stacie Hooper
 BIO 2 MW 4:30-5:45pm, DLN 1010  Prof. Kelly McDonald
 BIO 2           TR 9-10:15am, SQU 338   Prof. Heather Brown
 GEOG 1   TR 1:30-2:45pm, SQU 316  Prof. Mathew Schmidtlein
 PHYS 11A MWF 11-11:50am, MND 1015  Prof. Jerome Buerki
 PHYS 11A TuThF noon-12:50pm, MND 1015  Prof. Margoniner