Dental Shadowing

Please feel free to utilize this log to track your shadowing hours.

Shadowing is an important part of a Pre-Dental student’s undergraduate experience, and it ranks among the top of misunderstood topics for DS admission. Shadowing is designed to acquaint the prospective dental student with the daily life of a dentist. It is about observing the atmosphere in a dental office, the interaction between staff, practitioner and patient.  More importantly, it is about the procedures performed in a dental office. It is for this reason that the number of hours required/recommended for shadowing is reasonable. It should not take months or years to make a determination that dentistry is for us. Shadowing most certainly is not intended for it. Ideally, an applicant should shadow a general practitioner for 4-8 hours/day for about 3-4 days. Since not all offices are created equal, whenever possible, shadowing should not be limited to a single office, especially when the practice may be limited in scope. We should observe restorative, prostho, oral surgery, perio, endo, pedo and ortho procedures. For the more demanding applicant, shadowing a specialist is recommended.

Seeking a position as a dental assistant for the sole purpose of shadowing is counterproductive and should be avoided. The time would be better spent improving the gpa and/or the dat scores.

This list was compiled from information obtained from the 2008 ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools.

                    Hrs                                Hrs
1 Alab Req NR 30 Miss Rec 40
2 AZ Rec NR 31 Missou Req 100
3 Mid Rec 100 32 Creigh Rec 40
4 LL Req 20 33 Neb Req 35
5 UCLA Rec NR 34 Nev Req NR
6 UCSF Rec NR 35 UMDNJ Rec 25
7 UOP Req 40 36 Colum Rec NR
8 USC Rec NR 37 NY Req 100
9 Westrn Req 30 38 SB Req NS
10 Colo Rec NR 39 Buf Rec NR
11 Conn Req 50 40 UNC Req NR
12 Howard Rec 100 41 Case Rec 20
13 Nova Rec NR 42 Ohio Req 20
14 Flor Rec NR 43 Ok Req 100
15 Geo Req 30 44 Ore Req 50
16 S Ill Rec 30 45 Penn Req N/A
17 U Ill Rec 100 46 Pitt Req 100
18 Ind Req 40 47 Temple Rec NR
19 Iowa Rec NR 48 PP Rec NR
20 Kent Req 20 49 SC Rec 20
21 Louiv Rec NR 50 Meh Rec NR
22 Louis Req NR 51 Tenn Req 30
23 Md Rec NR 52 Baylor Req 16
24 Boston Rec NR 53 Hou Req NR
25 Harv Rec NR 54 SA Req NR
26 Tufts Req 30 55 VA Rec 150
27 Mercy Req NR 56 Wash Req 100min
28 Mich Rec NR 57 WVA Req 40
29 Minn Req 30 58 Marq Rec 40

* The above information was borrowed / adapted from the Student Doctor Network.  Please check with your planned institution to confirm.