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Faculty Participants

Tentative Schedule for Wednesday, June 24

Arriving at JPL

  • Complete this visitor information ASAP.  It is required before entry. 
  • Arrive BY 7:30 AM on Wednesday, June 24 at JPL
  • Have your driver’s license handy as you drive up in the left lane. Show your DL to the guard and indicate that you are here for a teacher workshop. Ask for a visitor parking hang tag – display this appropriately.
  • Bring your camera to take photos. 
  • Proceed to the visitor parking lot (follow the green line on the pavement). Park in any unmarked stall.
  • Proceed across the street to the east to building 249, Visitor Control, enter through the double glass doors and meet your JPL escorts

Tips for Success While at JPL

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes. JPL is located on a steep hill. We will be walking a lot.
  • Wear comfortable business casual clothing.
  • Consider bringing a hat, sunscreen, and/or lightweight protective clothing for the time we are outdoors.
  • If you are sensitive to the cold, consider bringing a light sweater as we have no control over the temperature inside our meeting rooms. They are usually comfortable, but occasionally run cool. 
  • Bring a refillable water bottle. JPL has filtered refrigerated water available for free at water fountains throughout the laboratory.
  • Bring snacks if you get hungry for more than lunch. Snacks are not provided at JPL.
  • Bring money for lunch or a sack lunch. $10 (cash or credit) will get you a decent meal with a drink. Refrigerators are not available for sack lunches, but microwaves are.
  • Bring a camera if you like to take pictures – we’ll be seeing lots of neat stuff. Keep in mind you will be carrying your camera on long hikes, so plan your gear accordingly.
  • You MUST stay with the group at all times, wear the badge you are issued above your waist, and be escorted everywhere you go. This is a JPL security requirement.
  • Be mindful and cautious of wildlife. They may seem tame, but they are not. Keep your distance.
  • Use JPL guest Wi-Fi appropriately.

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