NASA STEM Educational Professional Development Collaborative

Two professors of education, Dr. Susan Belgrad and Dr. Norm Herr have been invited to represent California State Northridge in the "NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative.  The MDECOE faculty members join a select team of experts that includes nation-wide NASA Centers, universities, teacher educators, informal educators, school districts, and teachers. 

The intended goal of the NASA Collaborative is to advance a professional development model that will promote the development, review and delivery of STEM teacher professional development-- particularly in asserting the importance of integrating culturally-relevant pedagogy in mathematics and science.

STEM Educator Collaborative directed by:

Araceli Martinez Ortiz, PhD
Director, LBJ Institute for STEM Education & Research
PI, NASA STEM EPD Collaborative
PI, NSF IUSE- STEM Rising Stars
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
Texas State University
San Marcos, Texas
Office: (512) 245-3102
Cell: (512) 569-3622

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