Why should I join?

The Microbiology Students Association offers students a chance to engage in activities that can expand their knowledge of the "microbe world." Microbiology affects practically all areas of science - medicine, ecology, geology, virology, immunology, genetics, and even areas like physical therapy and sports medicine. We offer field trips for members to places like the beer and wine brewery. We also seek keynote speakers to present their research/job experience to members at meetings. In addition, there are research grants available for student ASM (American Society for Microbiology) members, which MSA helps students become a part of. We advertise ASM conferences and events that may impact your education and future direction and we encourage those who wish to pursue research in microbiology and all related fields.  It looks great on your curriculum vitae/resume, and it will enhance your skills and knowledge in areas that relate to the field of microbiology.

What is the cost?

For a one year membership, the cost is only $10.00. All benefits such as free lunches and field trips are included in this fee. Cash and checks are accepted, and please make checks payable to Microbiology Students Association.

Where is the application?

The forms are located on the second floor of Magnolia Hall on the door to the Barresi Reseach Laboratory. If there are none present, seek a current MSA officer for a copy.

Whom should I contact?

For membership, you should give the application and payment to any of the MSA officers. You may also bring it directly to Magnolia Hall Room 4203. You should also send an email to to be sure that we processed your application and payment. Please download the MSA Membership Application Form, fill it out, and turn it in.

Do I have to be in a microbiology lab or a microbiology major?

Actually most members are not microbiology majors. This club has no restrictions, as long as you are a CSUN student or professor. 

Most members are biology graduates, and undergraduatess in the area of Pre-Med, Pre-Health, Public Health, Biology and related majors, and Chemistry and related majors. However, it does not matter if you have taken microbiology or not or if you are even a science major. Anyone may join.


This is meant to be a friendly notice:

If you do NOT submit your $10.00 and/or application, you will NOT be considered an MSA member. If we are contacted by any institution regarding your membership (grad school, job application, etc) and you did not pay the membership fee or completed and turned in the application form, we will tell the institution that you were NOT an MSA member at CSUN. Please do not forget to complete your application in full.