History of Collaboration

The Colleges of Education and Science & Mathematics have been collaborating to promote best practices in science teaching since 1986.

Building upon Teachers for a New Era (TNE)

CSUN was a recipient of the Carnegie TNE Award.  A central focus of TNE was to make teacher preparation--and pupil learning--everyone's responsibility because teacher candidates must learn not just subject matter but how to make subject matter teachable. The "two cultures" must align practices and principles for candidates to experience a coherent program. The Institute for Innovation in Science Teaching is partially an extension of the TNE philosophy of collaboration between the colleges of Science & Mathematics and Education in science teacher preparation. 

Current Participants

  • Department of Secondary Education:  Mike Rivas, Brian Foley, Norman Herr
  • Department of Elementary Education: David Kretschmer, John Reveles 
  • Department of Biology: Virginia Vandergon
  • Department of Geology:  Matthew d'Alessio, Gerry Simila
  • Department of Chemistry: Dorothy Nguyen-Graff
  • Department of Physics:  Henk Postma
  • Arcadia Unified School District: Kelly Castillo
  • Los Angeles Unified School District:  David Arias