Proposal & Budget

Proposal for the CSUN Institute for Innovation in Science Teaching

To:  Harry Hellenbrand, Interim President, CSUN

  • Department of Secondary Education:  Mike Rivas, Brian Foley, Norman Herr
  • Department of Biology: Virginia Vandergon
  • Department of Geology:  Matthew d'Alessio, Gerry Simila
  • Department of Chemistry: Dorothy Nguyen-Graff
  • Department of Physics:  Henk Postma
Re:  Proposal to fund the Institute for Inovation in Science Teaching

Proposal: Whereas representatives from the Colleges of Education and Science & Mathematics work together to write proposals for STEM education, develop innovative curriculum for the teaching of science, conduct research in innoavtive science teaching techniques, recruit future science teachers, provide in-service education for local science teachers, disseminate science teaching methodologies and research on these methodologies, and publish articles on research in science instruction, we propose that the President of California State Univesity Northridge formally recognize our organization as the Institute for Innovation in Science Teaching (IIST) and provide funding as described in the budget of this proposal.  This funding is intended to be seed money to establish the Institute, and after five years the institute will be self-supporting through grants from private foundations.

Directors:  Gini Vandergon (College of Science & Mathematics),  Norm Herr (Michael D. Eisner College of Education)

Budget Request - Startup Funds


Physical space and administrative funding
  • location - space for an assistant and for a director (only one depending on which college houses the institute)
  • office equipment (no special materials needed) - One time costs: $5000
  • staffing - annual cost $50,000
  • O&E - annual cost $3000
Research and Development Funds
  • Release time/overage for writing publications
  • Release time/overage for research efforts - e.g. Experiment of CSCS at NAHS
  • Release time/overage for CSCS curriculum development
  • Release time/overage for writing grant proposals
  • Stipends summer work for teachers not covered by CSP or 3M
  • annual cost $50,000
Travel money for conference presentations
  • $8000 annually

Science teacher in residence (one year)
  • Kelly or equivalent: $50,000
Yearly support:  $111.000 - each year for five years
One time costs:  $55,000 - first year

Funded Proposals in the past year $285,000

Future Funding Plans

Government Grants:
  • National Science Foundation (two proposals pending)
  • Institute for Educational Sciences (US Department of Education, one proposal pending)
  • California Science Project - San Fernando Valley Science Project (funded 15 years running)
Private Institution Grants:
  • Current grants: 
    • Hewlett-Packard Catalyst (one funded, one more submitted)
    • 3M 
    • Google
  • Potential Funders
    • WM Keck Foundation
    • Gates Foundation
    • Google
    • Agilent
    • Howard Hughes MI
Professional Development Income
  • Fee for service model (teachers, schools, districts pay for training)
    • Similar to CTL (Institute will take some % of fee and pay the trainers)
  • Potential Clients
    • LAUSD
    • Las Virgenes USD
    • Oak Park USD
    • PUC, Magnolia Science Academy, Green Dot and other Charter Organizations
    • LACOE
  • Alumnae or Corporate
WebSite Advertising
  • Once we get world famous

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