• The Institute for STEM Education at CSUN is dedicated to promoting best practices in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.
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Charter & Budget


  • Develop effective strategies for the teaching of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth & space sciences
  • Conduct and disseminate research on best practices in science education
  • Enhance the preparation and professional development of pre-service and in-service science teachers
  • Increase the pipeline of highly qualified science teachers


  • Integrated approach to improving STEM education
    • Undergraduate (ITEP)
    • Pre-Service (Credential)
    • Graduate (Masters, Doctorate; research)
    • In-service Professional Development
    • University Faculty Development
    • Research and Publications
  • Partnerships (CSUDH, CSUF, CSM, College of Science, College of Engineering)
  • Research, Evaluation, Data, Publishing
  • Next Generation Science Standards NGSS / Common Core

    Progress Report

      Partners - Colleges of Science & Mathematics and the MDE College of Education

      • Strong History of Collaboration (1986-present)
      • Excellent inter-departmental, inter-college collaboration
        • Department of Secondary Education:  Mike Rivas, Brian Foley, Norman Herr
        • Department of Elementary Education: David Kretschmer, John Reveles 
        • Department of Biology: Virginia Vandergon
        • Department of Geology:  Matthew d'Alessio, Gerry Simila
        • Department of Chemistry: Dorothy Nguyen-Graff
        • Department of Physics:  Henk Postma
        • Arcadia Unified School District: Kelly Castillo
        • Los Angeles Unified School District:  David Arias

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