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We've Moved! Please visit our new EOHSA Website here:

EOHSA would like to welcome everyone to a new semester.

This semester we are planning some great new activities and guest speakers that will hopefully encourage and instruct every member with more opportunities to experience the field of environmental and occupational health. All of us can benefit from a better understanding of health and safety as we go aim to mitigate health hazards to protect friends, family, lovers, co-workers, --whoever! And EOHSA will help each member critically evaluate the hazards within food, housing, site assessment and environmental controls.

Students new to college often don’t realize that they must become independent learners. Consider this, a great deal of learning must occur outside the classroom while you are reading the text and working with text material. Fortunately, EOHSA can help ease the burden of you studies by helping you to network with professionals within the field and attain insights from classmates edger to learn just as much as you!

We hope everyone will have a great semester together!


Upcoming Events
Coming SOON!!!

Fall/Spring Semester Service Project: Adopt-A-Beach TBD