SED 514: Tues. 4-7

Section 15694 Rm. 2121B

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Jan. 21

  • First day slideshow
  • Google Account
    • Everyone will need a google account. Create a google Site account as well
  • Survey
    • Complete a survey at the beginning of class.
  • Self Pict (need access)
    • Go to class website and upload a headshot of yourself. Below your picture, please put your name and turn you name into a hyperlink linking it to you web site. If you don't have a picture handy, use the photo booth program on the computer. Below your name, place your email address.
  • Notes (need access)
    • Information and notes regarding the class.
  • Web (300)
    • Creating a Web site using Google Sites. You will have a homepage and every assignment will have its own page. This is your portfolio. ( Web Quiz , practice)
  • Self Intro Presentation
    • Create a self introduction and use any type of presentation tool to display your work.

Jan. 28

  • Remind App (100)
    • Communication tool via text app.
  • I-Movie (100)
    • Create a short video of your teaching or introduction of self that you will upload to Youtube and place on your web site. Secondly, you will create an instructional video (I-Movie Quiz)

Feb. 4

Feb. 11

  • Ed Puzzle (100)
    • Producing interactive videos
  • Survey (100)
    • Create a survey using Google Forms ( Survey Quiz ) . Please take practice survey

Feb. 18

  • Lesson Plan (100)
    • Create 2 lesson plans that integrates technology and your discipline.

Feb. 25

  • Kahoot App (100)
    • Quiz via online Kahoot
  • Google Quiz (100)
    • Create 2 different assessments using Google Quiz. (Google Quiz)
  • Database (100)
    • Using google spreadsheet ( sample )

March. 3

March 10

March 17

  • Spring Break
  • Mid-Term Portfolio Due by the end of the night
    • Following assignments due... Notes, Remind, I-Movie, Web Resource, Ed Puzzle, Survey, Lesson Plan, Kahoot, Google Quiz, Database, Book Review, and Location and Maps

March 24

  • Plickers App (100)
    • Assessment tool
  • Coggle (100) (Coggle Quiz)
    • Create a flowchart using Coggle
  • Newsletter (100)
    • Creating a class newsletter using Google Docs

March 31

  • CSUN Holiday, Cesar Chavez Holiday

April 7

April 14

  • Mobile App Presentation (100)
    • 50 points off if you are present on a different day besides April 14
    • Mobile application presentation to class

April 21

April 28

  • Entire site uploaded by the end of the night. (200)
    • 200 points for your completed web site. Once you upload all of your work, please do not change your web site until grades are out. (Due: Notes, Remind, I-Movie, Web Resource, Ed Puzzle, Survey, Lesson Plan, Kahoot, Google Quiz, Database, Book Review, Location and Maps, Mobile App, Plickers, Coggle, Newsletter, Outside Reading, ELD, and Lapse Photo ). Each of the above assignments will have its own page. On each page, describe what the assignment was and how you might use the assignment and include an image. Final portfolio due at the end of the night.

May 5

  • Final exam (200)
    • Open books and notes. Time 4:15-6:15

Late assignments will be deducted 50% (any assignment later than 1 week will not be given credit)

Note: Bold dates, class in session.

2115A is 0217720

Tests, Quizzes & Additional Info.

Final (200)

Quiz (200)

The final will cover all of the applications learned throughout the semester. All quizzes will be averaged and it will count for two assignments. Quizzes will start promptly at the beginning of class and you have to be in class to take the quiz. The time limit will be determined by how many questions there are, example there will be 1 minute per question. Some days, there might be more than 1 quiz and each quiz will be graded and averaged independently.

Grading System