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SED 514: Fri 1-4

Note: Bold dates, class in session. For any assignment, if you complete the work 1 week prior to the class date, you can have an excused absence from class and be omitted from the quiz if there is one. You will need to email Dr. Chang that you have completed the assignment 1 week prior and have it uploaded to your web site. Then the assignment will be graded.

Tests,Quizzes & Additional Info.

Final (200)

Quiz (200)

The final will cover all of the applications learned throughout the semester

All quizzes will be averaged and it will account for two assignments. Quizzes will start promptly at the beginning of class. The time limit will be determined by how many questions there are, example there will be 1 minute per question. Some days, there might be more than 1 quiz and each quiz will be graded and averaged independently.

Grading System