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Note for LAUSD teachers

NOTE - certificate file updated 7/2014

A significant problem for LAUSD teachers and google has been certificate warnings - windows that pop up repeatedly when you try to go to a Google Site or Document on the web.  This also keeps many teachers from editing their sites properly while at school.

Fortunately the district has a fix for this.  The easiest way is to go to http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/11048 or http://rootca.lausd.net/  This page has links to downloading the file lausd-root-ca2.crt (follow the instructions for your browser). 

    NOTE - the http://rootca.lausd.net/ website is only accessible from computers at an LAUSD campus (inside the firewall)

This file is a global certificate file - i
t allows the LAUSD firewall to redirect (and maybe reencrypt?) traffic from Google and other sites to your office computer.  It should eliminate the popups and allow you to see all the buttons for Google Sites and Docs.

On Chromebooks, all LAUSD student emails should have the certificate preinstalled

How to Install Certificate for:

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Brian Foley,
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