JPL Invention Challenge

posted Sep 1, 2019, 2:07 PM by Brian Foley

To all Students, Teachers, and friends,

The time has arrived for the new rules for the 2019 JPL Invention Challenge.  This is the twenty-second year of holding the JPL Invention Challenge.  The title for this year’s contest is the “Ping Pong Ball Run Contest”.  Please review the attached set of rules, form a team, and enter during the registration period.  Be sure to follow the submission of entry rules found in Rule 3. The entry rules have been slightly modified so please read them carefully.  Emailing the Excel spreadsheet will help with the paperwork process.  Completely filling out video release forms and mailing all of them in along with a printed copy of the spreadsheet will greatly simplify the badging process at JPL.

The rules are attached with just the simplified objective being listed below.  The rules and forms are also posted on the JPL Invention Challenge website at…

OBJECTIVE: Create a device that can move up to 10 ping pong balls into a jar located 5 meters away.  The winner will be the team that moves the highest number of ping pong balls into the jar.

Good luck to everyone,

Paul MacNeal
Contest Organizer



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