Administrative Issues

  • By-Laws
  • Membership
  • Committee's Charge - the primary goal of the technology committee is to make recommendations to the Dean regarding the expenditure of monites and resouces as they pertain to technology. ¬†Topics under the purview of the Technology Committee may include, but are not limited to, prioritizing the Colletege's technology needs, the allocation of monies and reouces for new computers and related techology, refreshing/upgrading existing computers and technology, and trainign faculty, staff, and students on the use of technology.¬†


  • Norm
  • Ian
  • Anthony
  • Fred
  • Al


  • Investigate need for standing committee
  • Serve as voice for faculty & students
  • interface with EFAC, ESAC, Admin Council
  • Interface with CSUN Academic Technology, ITR
  • Advisory to Dean, MAR

Technical Issues

  • WiFi Access Points - upgrade - IT
  • CQF Proposal
  • Go Printing
  • Use of Student labs
  • Computer-refresh - faculty
  • Computer refresh - labs
  • COE Website
  • Reserving Computer Labs
  • Software upgrades
  • Faculty Training
  • Lab reservations
  • Grant writing
  • Lab maintenance

Monthly meetings

  • Policy issues
  • Information sharing
  • Sharing of best practices
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