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My name is Dr. Norman Herr.  I help coordinate the Masters programs in Science and Instruction Technology, and I direct the science education teaching credential programs. We will use this site for all wiki contributions, surveys, and related interactive resources. 

SED 514 Computers in Instruction
Secondary Education 514 (Computers in Instruction) satisfies the computer requirement in CSUN's Secondary Education Credential Program, and also serves as credit in all of our master degree programs. This course introduces a wide variety of resources and teaching strategies to help you teach your subject more effectively and efficiently. This is a course in pedagogy and requires proficiency in the use of technology to improve student learning and can lead to Google Educator certification.

Catalog description: Introduction to the instructional uses of the Internet, local networks, telecommunications, text processing, graphics, desktop publishing, educational software, electronic reference tools, teacher support tools, databases, spreadsheets and other software applications and related media. Use of such applications to access and evaluate information, analyze and solve problems, and communicate with other professionals. Strategies and skills to enable teachers to prepare their students to be lifelong learners in an information-based society. Meets technology education requirement for the Preliminary Credential.

Graduate Programs

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We also offer a doctoral program in educational administration

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