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These are some of the local and regional conferences students may wish to attend. The Math Club organizes trips to the YSU PME Conference and the Ohio MAA Spring Meeting each spring semester. Contact Dr. Leah Gold for details. All CSU students are eligible to attend. There is no cost for attending

Miami University Pi Mu Epsilon Conference [Friday-Saturday September 29-30, 2017]

This conference is held at Miami University in Oxford, OH each fall. The conference will cover Algebra and Connections to Geometry, but the presentations are not restricted to those topics. Students are invited to give talks or participate without presentations.

The deadline to sign up for a talk is September 15, 2017, and the deadline for registering for participation is September 22, 2017.  More information can be found here.

        CSU STUDENTS NOTE:  We do not regularly arrange travel to this conference.

University of Dayton Undergraduate Math Day [Saturday November 11, 2017]

This is an undergraduate math conference with talks given by students on mathematics research, the learning and teaching of mathematics, the history of mathematics, and applications to disciplines related to mathematics.  There will be 2 invited addresses intended for a general audience.  An online Conference Proceedings is published based on talks presented.  Lunch is included and there is no registration fee, however, you must register in advance to attend.

The deadline to submit an abstract is Wednesday November 1, 2017.  For more information and to register go to the conference web page.

Youngstown Pi Mu Epsilon Conference [Saturday, February 24, 2018]

The conference consists of undergraduate and high school students giving a 10-15 minute presentation on a mathematical topic that interests them. The topics of the talks are selected by the students. A primary objective is to give students the opportunity of presenting a technical talk to their peers. This is a skill that almost all students will need during their lifetime.  The conference provides a good opportunity to gain this experience and learn from the presentations of others. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and students get to enjoy the company of peers from other schools who also enjoy mathematics. Furthermore, free breakfast and lunch provided! 

For more details and to register visit the conference website.
Registration is free, but everyone must register to attend. The deadline for submitting conference registration (and talks) is Wednesday, February 21, 2018, at 12:00 noon.

Undergraduate students:  Consider contributing a talk to the conference.  You can state that you wish to give a talk when you register.  You should also contact Dr. Gold (L.Gold33@csuohio.edu)  about how to prepare for presenting a talk.

CSU STUDENTS NOTE: There will be carpooling arranged from CSU. Generally we leave around 8am and return around 4pm.  Contact Dr. Leah Gold, L.Gold33@csuohio.edu to arrange transportation.

Ohio MAA Spring Meeting [Friday-Saturday April 6-7, 2018] 

The location of the Ohio MAA Spring Meeting in 2018 will be at Miami University.  Although the MAA is a professional organization consisting mostly of faculty, the spring meeting has many activities dedicated to students including student and faculty talks, a student math competition, and a student pizza party.  Visit the website for more information about the meeting. 

Undergraduate students: 
  Consider competing in the Leo Schneider Student Team Competition on Friday April 5, 2018 at the Ohio MAA Spring Meeting.  CSU always fields at least one team (and sometimes multiple teams) of up to 3 students.  Click here for detailed information on the Leo Schneider Student Team Competition. Contact Dr. Gold if you are interested in being on a team.
  Consider contributing a talk to the conference. Talks are 15 minutes long and can be about any mathematical or statistical topic you are willing to talk about.  You can sign up for a talk when you register for the conference.  In addition you should contact Dr. Gold about preparations for presenting a talk.
CSU STUDENTS NOTE: There will be travel arranged from CSU, including an overnight hotel stay. We generally leave early on Friday morning and return around supper Saturday. Contact Dr. Leah Gold, L.Gold33@csuohio.edu to arrange transportation and lodging.

13th Annual CSU COSHP Research Day  [Friday April 13, 2018 tentatively]

CSU's COSHP Annual Research Day is an opportunity for COSHP students and faculty to present posters that share their current research, teaching, and service accomplishments. The annual research award for faculty is also presented at during this event.

For details and abstract submission, please check out the COSHP Research Day webpage

Rose-Hulman Annual Undergraduate Mathematics Conference [April 20-21 2018]

This conference at Rose-Hulman near Indianapolis, IN is an opportunity for students to present their work, meet other math-interested students and listen to talks about mathematics. This year the theme of the conference is "Mathematics in Unexpected Places" and will feature plenary talks from Tanya Leise from Amherst College, however, presentations from all areas of mathematics are welcomed.  In addition to the student talks and plenary speakers, there are two-hour short courses at the start of the conference.

For details and registration forms, please visit the website.

CSU STUDENTS NOTE:  We do not regularly arrange travel to this conference.