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Call for Participation

Moodle: Quality Online Learning and Teaching Awards Pilot


CSU Learning Management Systems Services is sponsoring a Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) program to recognize exemplary teaching and learning efforts using Moodle.  


All CSU instructors teaching via Moodle are eligible to participate in QOLT.  However, the evaluation instrument is very detailed and, therefore, favors those who are using Moodle more extensively for teaching and learning, as well as course management.  QOLT is designed to evaluate courses that are either blended/hybrid (30%-70% of course interaction takes place online) to online courses (100% online).

Evaluation Criteria:

Submitted courses will be reviewed by a team of CSU academic technology and faculty development professionals organized by CSU Learning Management Systems Services. 
This evaluation team will use the same evaluation form as the nominees, which includes the following rubric categories:

1.    Course Overview and Introduction

2.    Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning

3.    Instructional Materials and Resources Utilized

4.    Instructional Design and Delivery

5.    Technology for Teaching and Learning

6.    Learner Support and Resources

7.    Accessibility and Universal Design

Awards and Recognition

Up to 10 courses will be selected to receive an “Quality Online Learning and Teaching” award, which includes a letter of recognition and certificate.  Awardees will also be noted in CSU and campus announcements.  From those 10 awardees, up to 5 will be selected to be part of a featured presentation at the 2012 MoodleMoot Conference, Aug 1 – 3, Woodland Hills, CA.  These instructors will have their conference registration paid for and up to $600 of travel support to present.


Jan 16, 2012                Request for Nominations circulated

Mar 1, 2012                 Completed online nomination forms due

Mar 30, 2012               Course evaluations complete. Awards announced & posted.

Apr/May 2012             Winners featured in Effective Moodle webinar

Aug 2012                    Moodle course demonstration panel at Moodle Moot 2012


Quality Online Learning and Teaching 

The QOLT program is a pilot effort to establish a system for informing and evaluating online teaching and learning using Moodle in the CSU. 

The CSU follows the national, accelerating, trend of significant growth in online teaching and learning. The evolution of the Internet, broadband access at home and via mobile devices makes it certain that there will be a continued growth in online courses.  In addition, student demand can lead this development, given research that shows students prefer a blended course delivery approach.  Online learning provides a diverse group of people the opportunity to participate in higher education.

As CSU campuses offer additional online classes, it is important to define quality online teaching and learning, as well as determine how to assess it. CSU wants to provide quality education, whether it is online or face-to-face.  There are many skeptics who question the quality of online teaching and, therefore, it is necessary to identify how best to prepare instructors for teaching online classes effectively. By doing so, we can best prepare instructors and learners for an experience that is equal to, or better, than traditional classroom experiences.  If successful, the natural evolution of teaching and learning will drive the increase in online teaching and learning, as opposed to administrative decisions related to the desire to save money through simple leverage of technology as device.

The main objectives of this project are to:

  • Create a useful evaluation tool that can help faculty develop quality online courses
  • Identify exemplary practices for teaching and learning through online courses
  • Recognize faculty, programs, and campuses that are creating quality online courses


The following scale of effectiveness will be applied to each QOLT objective:

(3 points)

Criterion evidence is clear, appropriate for this course, and
demonstrates best practices in a manner that models its use.

(2 points)

Evidence of this criterion is clear and is appropriate for this course.
Minor room for enhancement.

(1 point)

Some evidence of this criterion, but it needs to be presented more
clearly and/or further developed.

Nonexistent /Never
(0 points)

Not present, but should be, based on course design and content.
Or, is present, but not appropriate for this course.


(no score given)

Objective does not apply to the course (e.g., course does not have group-work assignments and rater would enter “NA”).  Objective(s) rated NA will not factor into overall points and resulting Mean scores.