LMS Evaluations

Many Universities across the United States have undergone evaluations for different Learning Management Systems to see what will best serve their campus. Here you will find links the sites used in documenting these evaluations.  As more Universities are taking on the task of re-evaluating their current LMS and the benefits of migrating to others, these documents may help save time and provide insight on the process. 

Evaluation Site Links

California State University, Channel Islands


California State University, Chico 

Course Management Servicies (CMS) Comparison List

Mark Smithers Blog - Public LMS Evaluations
(With links to 10 University Evaluations)

Miami University

Pepperdine University

Site Link:

PDF summary link:                                                http://services.pepperdine.edu/techlearn/tools/courses/images/Pepperdine_University%20LMS_Study_Executive_Summary_2009-2010.pdf

The State University of New York

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University System of Georgia