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How much are membership fees?

Membership fee is: $50 white-belt member, $75 brown-belt member, and $100 black-belt member for EACH Fall semester. Same prices for EACH Spring semester; winter semester/session is FREE; and summer semester/session is $75.

That seems like a lot, what do I get for it?

Membership gives you the chance to train with one of the oldest clubs on campus with a direct lineage to Master Ohshima and Shotokan Karate of America (SKA). It includes access to all of Sam's regular karate and self-defense classes. You also get access to all special practices unless otherwise stated. Lastly, our club dues provide a better value than many martial arts gyms you can find outside. Many places will charge you at least that much a month for what we're giving you for a semester!

When are practices held?

We have club practices everyday but Sunday. Members might also hold unofficial practices that you'll just have to ask around to find. You can ask at our Facebook Group page. And don't forget that members get access to Sam's regular classes at no additional cost! For club practice and class meeting times, please see the Training Schedule section.

Is a Gi (Uniform) necessary?

First-timers are not required to wear Gis, but after the first semester, Gis are strongly recommended. The Gi is mark of a martial artist's dedication to himself and karate.

Who is the instructor?

Samir Abboud is our instructor. Please read more in the Leaders section.

Do I require prior knowledge to join?

Absolutely not! We begin from basics every semester for newcomers to learn and for more experienced practitioners to hone their skills. The first thing we learn is how to make a fist!

Will there be a chance to move up in Belt Ranking?

Yes! The denouement of every semester is a grading. Please see the Grading section to learn more.