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Special Training

"We are experts at babying ourselves;
we must look at ourselves with the strictest eyes."
-- Tsutomu Ohshima

Shotokan Karate of America conducts regional special practices known as "Special Trainings" twice a year, usually in the winter and summer. These are the most important events for any karate student, for they allow one to push oneself to one's limits through intensive training periods from three to four days in duration, with several practices each day. Many students agree that Special Trainings are the most demanding and strenuous mental and physical experiences of their lives.

The beginning student is allowed to attend Special Training with the consent of the instructor, based on physical condition and knowledge of kata, kihon, and kumite. During the longer Special Trainings, closed practices are held for black belts and brown belts in addition to the general practices.

The individual is given the opportunity to train with a large number of members of all ranks from many dojos, who gather to increase their self-awareness through this rigorous training. The event is usually held in a large facility such as a private boarding school where students all share the common experience by living, eating, and training together. Separate facilities are always provided for men and women students. Special Training represents an opportunity for the serious karate student to advance himself both mentally and physically. No drinking, taking of drugs, or sexual activity is tolerated.

In line with the martial arts tradition of "what you begin you must finish," one may not leave Special Training until it is officially over without the permission of the chief instructor. Any student who breaks this rule automatically loses his membership in SKA, and will never again be allowed to practice with any SKA dojo. There is absolutely no exception to this rule.

Special Training has come down to us from martial artists of the past who sought a way to put their mental and physical powers to a test by calling upon their innermost strengths--strengths that you will realize you also possess 
after this intensive training experience. Indeed, to put ourselves into hardship, to push ourselves to our physical limits and thereby to strengthen our mentality, and to see ourselves with clearer eyes are the ultimate goals of this practice.

General Information

Participants must complete and submit SPECIAL TRAINING APPLICATION FORM (available at SKA website: http://ska.org/news/wp-content/uploads/st_form.pdf), along with your payment. For minors, parent or guardian must sign the Parental Waiver of Rights, Consent, and Indemnification Agreement on the back of the Application. Recommending senior should sign the appropriate portion of the form if you have been recommended for Dan grading.

All members of Shotokan Karate of America at least 16 years of age may attend after obtaining the consent of their instructor.

No smoking. No alcoholic beverages. No drugs. No sexual activity. No one will be permitted to leave. All persons must attend all training sessions for their rank level. All participants are required to have personal Medical and Hospital insurance coverage. Insurance arrangements should be made in advance, insurance will not be available at the site.

Karate-gis, casual but neat clothing, personal toiletry items, water, sports drinks, energy bars/snacks, fruits, etc.

Hand and mouth protection as well as groin protection for men and breast protection for women are recommended for all participants during sanbon kumite. Senior members wishing to practice jiyu-kumite are required to use hand and mouth protection. Be prepared -- protective equipment will NOT be available at the site

Winter Special Training - Long Beach

Date: January 16 - 18, 2015

Location: Cal State Long Beach & Belmont Shore Pier, Long Beach

Leader: Erik Malone, nidan

Check-in Friday, January 16th @ 6PM @ Belmont Shore Pier.
First Practice will begin at 7PM on the beach south of the Belmont Shore Pier.
First & last practices on the beach at Belmont Shore Pier.
All other practices at Cal State Long Beach.

Fee: $150 ($200 for late registration at beach).
Make check payable to "Shotokan Karate of America."

Pre-registration due by Monday, January 12th.
Registration forms available at SKA website: http://ska.org/news/wp-content/uploads/st_form.pdf

Send Pre-registration to Garden Grove Dojo:
Attention: Special Training
10102 Stanford Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Details: SKA membership dues MUST be current!! Lodging and food is the responsibility of the participant.
For a listing of local hotels, click here: Local Hotels .

Contact Info: Gary Shockley @ (951) 314-8707.

Map & Directions
Belmont Shore Pier: Google Map
Cal State Long Beach: CSULB Map

Summer Special Training - West

Summer Special Training - West

Dates: June 17 - 21, 2015

Location: California State University, Channel Islands
One University Drive
Camarillo, CA 93012
website: www.csuci.edu

Leader: TBA

Check-in: Wednesday, 6/17/15, 4:00-9:00pm, Anacapa Village (no meals provided)
First Practice: Thursday, 6/18/15
Last Practice: Sunday, 6/21/15 (ends around 8:00am)

Cost: $350.00 

Parking: $12.00 (to be collected at registration)
Deadline: May 22, 2015 (late fees apply after deadline)
Late Fee: $50.00

Make checks payable to: Shotokan Karate of America

Mail application and payment to:
Shotokan Karate of America
222 S. Hewitt St., Rm 7
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Thursday thru Saturday - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Sunday – Breakfast only

Accommodations: 4 Bedroom apartments with bare mattress. Card operated washers and dryers are available. What to Bring: Toiletries, sleeping bag/sheets, pillow, towel, alarm clock.

Transportation from LAX: Road Runner Shuttle

If you have any questions, please contact
Frank Lee: flee415@yahoo.com or call (626) 757-1714.