1.                  Provide a FORUM where cyclists can meet, communicate and arrange activities

a.                   Forum

i.                        Meetings and Rides

b.                  Manage Membership

i.                        Email list

ii.                        Dues

c.                   Advertise

d.                  Manage website.

2.                  OUTREACH to campus community, administration and student government

a.                   Create a Cycling Master Plan for CSULB

i.                        Maps

ii.                        Article

b.                  Other Campus Clubs

c.                   Share the road campaign

d.                  Route map

3.                  Traffic Skills 101 COURSES

a.                   Schedule dates and initiate course on campus

b.                  LA DOT Hand out

4.                  Raise FUNDS to accomplish the above goals.

a.                   Dues 10$

b.                  ASI Grants

c.                   University funding.

d.                  Fundraising

i.                        Funding coordinator

1.                  Workshops

2.                  Grant writing

5.                  RACE TEAM

a.                   Team Forms

b.                  Criterium Field trip

i.                        Speaker