This is the course website for Professor Rose's Fall 2015 Historiography of World History Course at Cleveland State University.

Mandi Goodsett revised our research guide- here is the link: http://researchguides.csuohio.edu/HIS370

Analytical Narrative Papers due on 12/8 by 12:15 on Blackboard. Please complete the Thesis Statement Worksheet for me by 12/1 or earlier.

Dunn, The New World History is a great resource if you are going to teach but we will use only select articles in class. Please make your book purchase decisions accordingly.

Sidwha, Cracking India is available at the bookstore under HIS 104, Modern World History. We will be using this novel instead of Beah, Long Way Gone as listed in the bookstore.

All required books are available in the CSU bookstore and on course reserve in Schwartz library.

Course Information:

HIS 570 Syllabus (Grad Students)

HIS 370 F15 Student Information Form