Interested In Joining Our Organization?

CSUF CSA promotes and fully respects individuals who would like to be a member of our organization regardless of their race, religion, gender, political affiliation, or other ideologies.

Everyone is welcomed to join CSA. To become a member, there is a membership fee which helps fund our activities and events.


Members are entitled to one t-shirt representing CSA. With every semester, one original t-shirt design is selected by the members, for the members. 


Chau, David
Chhean, Andy
Choung, Rosie
Chung, Valence
Duong, Willa
Heng, Tony
Keam, Angelica
Keng, Sereyvath
Kong, Darren
Lam, Amanda
Lim, Bernard
Leng, Sabby
Mam, Johnny
Ngoy, Jaymes (JB)
Nguyen, Tina
Palma, Elizel
Pilly, Sunny
Rocillo, Mark
Sim, Serene
Sok, Melissa
Tan, Chan
Tes, Alex
Tes, Anthony
Tran, Khanh (TK)
Tuon, Santho
Ung, Peter
Ung, Melinda

2006-2007 MEMBERS

Bagaporo, Dion
Bediamol, Tara
Chunratanachai, CJ
DeGuia, Edelbert
Duong, Willa
Gutierrez, Floralyn
Heng, Tony
Hernandez, Joslyn
Hout, Sokchan
Jayco, Zarah
Koeul, Christina
Lee, Linda
Navarro, Steve
Nguyen, Kevin
Puzon, Nichole
Puzon, Gabriel
Rocillo, Mark
Rosete, Ryan
Tan, Chanrottana
Tanw, Troy
Tes, Anthony
Villapando, Gian
Villaruz, Christian
Villey, PJ
Zuniga, Theodore