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Training Routes

Training Days - Rides announced at meetings

Local/Easy Routes
Campus Loop                 6mi       *    Pleasant cruise around CI. 
Cawelti Loop                  9.3mi     *    Got time to kill between classes? Ride me! Flat.
To Metrolink Stn            4.5mi     *    Why drive to campus? Ride or take the bus!
To Local Bike Shop        6.4mi     *    Bill's Bike Shop/one way
To Mugu Rock                  8mi     *    No u-turn over double-double yellow lines. Popular ticket. 
To Neptune's Net          14.5mi    **    Flat cruise to the beach. Often tailwind/headwind. 
Camtown Loop               28 mi    **   

Medium Routes 
Santa Rosa Valley Loop    34mi     **        Bike path not shown on map @ mile 16&3/4
Yerba Loop                       48mi     ***      Watch for rocks on road on descents! Nasty buggers. 
Deer Creek Loop               36mi     ***      This is a leg burning, chain breaking climb! 
Deer Creek & Yerba Climb 42mi     ****     Don't let the short mileage fool you! Almost 5,000' of climbing.

Hard/Extended Rides
Latigo Loop                      59 mi     ****
Partial 'Simi Ride               67mi     **** 
Grimes to Balcom             67mi     *****    Better start early on this to skip midday traffic. 
Topanga Cyn Loop            83mi     *****