The Kitchen

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Our Mission:
The "Kitchen" aspect of our Bicycle Kitchen is to provide free bicycle repair and maintenance education to the CI community. Additionally, we aim to function as a social hub for local cycling of all sorts. We provide work space, tools and information to help realize this mission and promote the bicycle as a means of alternative transportation, exercise and of course, fun. 

That means:
We are a non-profit (501c3) volunteer co-op ready to teach you how to fix your bike. No prior cycling experience or repair skills are needed, and everyone is welcome. Furthermore, our mission augments CI's commitment towards building a green campus with respect to education, transit and recycling.

Reily's Bike In Peices

How to get involved:
Step 1Get a bicycle, or build one!
Step 2: Come to a meeting, you'll love it.
Step 3: Fill out some paperwork & get involved with what we're doing!
(Club membership does not require racing)

We are always looking for more mechanics or students who would like to learn more about fixing bikes!

The kitchen accepts donated parts to help build bikes as well. If you would like to donate old frames, wheels, shifting components or other parts that belong on bicycles, we will take them! 
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