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Plan a Outing

Step 1:
             Create a Activity Plan and Permission Form – This is a great template that will walk you through                             the required details. Click Here   
Step 2:
             You will need to estimate the cost of the outing with a final cost determined following the event.

Step 3:
             Compose an information email to be sent out along with Outing Information Form and Permission slip.                     Email those to the Scoutmaster for distribution to the troop. Follow up with 2 or 3 more emails to increase              Troop participants.

Step 4:
            Collect names and completed permission slips of scouts attending. Check with attending adults to see if                 they are able to drive and how many scouts they can transport.  You will also need make, model, and year             of vehicle and to make sure their insurance information is on file.

Step 5:
            Obtain and review medical records for those attending from our medical records coordinator.

Step 6:
        Following the event:
  • Determine the cost for each scout family and credits due.
  • Email those costs and credits to Treasurer.
  • Return medical records to medical records coordinator.
  • Attend the next month’s committee meeting to report outing follow up.