The ARMLAB-CSTEP Robotics Workshop is a 5-weeks long workshop intended to provide student the opportunity to explore some of the research activity in the ARMLAB (Automation, Robotics, & Mechatronics Lab). This workshop is organized by Dr. Krovi, who is also the director of ARMLAB.

Highlights from 2009 ARMLAB-CSTEP Summer Robotics Workshop (5 min):
Higher quality video can be viewed here.


The  Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics (ARM) Lab is a research laboratory in the   Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  of the   School of Engineering & Applied Sciences  in   The State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo.  
The research activities in this lab focus on the complete lifecycle  treatment (design, modeling, analysis, control, implementation and  verification) of a new generation of smart, embedded mechanical and mechatronic systems. For more info: here.


The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) provides minority and/or economically disadvantaged students with the opportunity to explore scientific, technical, and health-related professions. This experience allows students to build the solid academic foundation necessary to achieve their goals to enter licensed professions.CSTEP assis ts students in improving academic skills development, making course work more manageable. Participants of CSTEP programs benefit from the educational experience, which contributes to a higher retention rate in their chosen field of study.

CSTEP is a student support services program sponsored by the New York State Department of Education and offered by Cora P. Maloney College, located in the Capen Hall of the State University of New York at Buffalo Amherst Campus. The goal of CSTEP is to improve the academic status of the minority and/or economically disadvantaged students who historically have been underrepresented in the scientific, health, health-related, technical and law professions. For more info, click