Meetings--Tech Seminars
April 5th 2014, from 12:00 to 8:pm at Christ Church Episcopal School, 567 Wenwood Road, Greenville SC
There will be a robotics competition and numerous workshops with representatives from universities and industry on hand to talk about career opportuinities.
What's Happening in South Carolina's   K-12 Computer Science Education
South Carolina has some bright spots in K-12 computer science education but we're not yet where we need to be for 21st century excellence. Some of the highlights:

Computer Science Requirement
South Carolina is one of the few states requing high school students to take a year of computer science in order to graduate. Course offerings are often limited, but that's about to change.
New Introductory Course
A new (to South Carolina) computer course, called Exploring Computer Science (see course 5023)  is available for South Carolina's high schools and may eventually become the primary means of meeting the state's computer science requirement for graduation. more
AP Computer Science
In 2012, only 276 high school students in SC took the AP Computer Science A exam.  Nevertheless SC ranked 20th in the nation for number of AP Computer Science exams taken. more
Major CS Support Organizations 
SC has at least major 3 organizations, other than traditional education ones, promoting CS education. more

What is the Computer Science Teacher's Association (CSTA) ?

The Computer Science Teachers Association is a national membership organization that supports and promotes the teaching of computer science and other computing disciplines. CSTA provides opportunities for K-12 teachers and students to better understand the computing disciplines and to more successfully prepare themselves to teach and learn.

Membership is free to any high school or middle school teacher or industry representative who is interested in computer science or computing education. 

Join CSTA SC today.  .

For more information about the CSTA South Carolina Chapter contact Tom Rogers at tkrogers@greenville.k12.sc.us



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