CSTA>>Philly serves the greater Philadelphia regionĀ 
to supportĀ computing teachersĀ at public and independent schools

CSTA-Philly Raspberry Pi Jam

March 2nd, 2019 @ The Hill School


Computer Science is a young and rapidly changing field, challenging its practitioners and educators to remain current and be quick to adapt in order to achieve their full potential. Our group offers a forum for the exchange of curriculum ideas, sparking collaboration among and between educators in secondary schools and universities in the greater Philadelphia area, so as to help fuel continued improvement in the teaching of Computer Science. We promote Computer Science education and support K-16 educators by raising public awareness of Computer Science and its many subfields, and the value of a Computer Science education to the next generation of students.
The CSTA >> Philly Officers for 2017-2019 are:
  • President - Suzanne Hanbicki
  • Vice President - Damian Baraty
  • Secretary - Arta Szathmary
  • Treasurer - Gloria Houseman
Meeting Schedule
(subject to change)
  • Sat., 3/2/19 @ The Hill School
  • Sat., 10/5/19 @ TBD