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What are/is Nifty Assignments?

Nifty Assignments is a project to gather and distribute great assignment ideas and their materials by K-12 CS teachers for K-12 CS teachers. Each year a few assignments are showcased by the authors at the Nifty Assignments session held at the annual CSTA conference.  It is intended to be a replica of (and homage to) the highly successful, and longstanding, Nifty Assignments session at the Annual ACM SIGCSE conference devised by Nick Parlante.

The web pages linked below were created by the assignment author to describe the assignment and provide materials, handouts, starter code, and so on. Please contact the assignment author if you have questions.

2020 CSTA Nifty Assignments - July 14, Virtual Conference!
[2020 Session Slides]

Dale Reed - Memory Trainer9-12A "game" that organizes rows and columns according to some pattern. Useful to teach about arrays and parity.
Josh Caldwell - Algorithmic Art with Data6-8A fun and creative first experience with data by using it as an input to create abstract algorithmic art.

2019 CSTA Nifty Assignments - July 9, Phoenix, AZ 
[2019 Session Slides]

Tiffany Davis - Just Following Instructions K-5 Use robots to create an installation of Sol LeWitt-inspired, geometric wall drawings.

Dan Schneider - Digital Coloring Book  9-12 Students create a design that will become part of a class Coloring Book. Materials include a project overview, and an adaptable rubric, and reflection questions.

Stacy Lesmeister - Code Your Own 3D-Printed Ornament 
Students design their own 3D ornaments (....or keychain, figurine, etc.) with block-based code and print them.

Jennifer Manly - Global Internet Equity - Immersed! 6-8 Through an immersive experience and targeted research students experience differences in global internet access and censorship.

Dale Reed & Joe Hummel: Which Language?  9-12 Use letter frequency counts as a signature to identify which language text is written in.

2018 CSTA Nifty Assignments - July 10, Omaha, NE 
[2018 Session slides]

Jennifer Manly - History & Crypto  6-8 History role play - interesting and re-useable technique for engagement
Josh Paley - Puzzle Problems  9-12 Small-but-challenging programming problems. Simple to use / easy to deploy in lots of contexts.

Roger Jaffe - Othello Competition  9-12 Collaboration/competition idea for combining student code.
Dale Reed - Number Guess  9-12 Achievable Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence in Scratch

This site was created by Baker Franke with help, advice, input and support from fabulous friends and colleagues at Chicago CSTA and Code.org.   Questions? contact Baker via baker [dot] franke [at] gmail [dot] com with "nifty" somewhere in the subject.