We are a group of dedicated educators fully committed to support the New Hampshire’s comprehensive five-year plan to give every P-12 student the opportunity to learn computer science.

Joining efforts with other Chapters, we serve the Computer Science Teachers Association to:

  1. Promote and adopt K-12 CS Standards aligned with the K-12 CS Framework.
  2. Implement clear certification pathways for computer science teachers.
  3. Allow computer science to count for a core mathematics or science high school graduation requirement.
  4. Allow computer science to count as mathematics or science admission requirement at higher education institutions in the state.

Currently, the CSTA NH Chapter's activities include:

  • Quarterly meetings to share current events and opportunities in CS education
  • Roundtable discussion for educators and interested parents during the High School Coding Contest held in April every year .
  • NSF and Google-funded teacher professional learning opportunities.
Mihaela Sabin,
Feb 17, 2016, 4:55 PM