WWW'16 Tutorial

This site hosts material for the tutorial on Computational Social Science for the World Wide Web given at WWW. In particular, you can find the slides and the IPython notebooks available for download. We'll also do our best to share screencasts (= slides with voice-over) soon.

Tutorial's abstract:
Due to the increasing availability of large-scale data on human behavior collected on the social web, as well as advances in analyzing larger and larger data sets, interest in applying computer science methods to address research questions in the social sciences continues to grow. “Big Data” researchers and “Data Scientists” entering the interdisciplinary field of Computational Social Science (CSS) often lack background in theories and methods in sociology, whereas sociologists are often not aware of cutting edge advances in computational methods. This tutorial helps to bridge this gap by providing an introduction to statistical and computational methods that are useful for addressing typical social science research questions with observational data (that can e.g. be found on the Web) and to social theories and models that help to understand the process that generated the data. The goal of this tutorial is to give participants a rich repertoire of methods that help to answer not only interesting “how” questions but also more fundamental “why” questions.

This tutorial was given by Markus Strohmaier, Luca Aiello, Claudia Wagner and Ingmar Weber (sorted in the chronological order of their parts in the tutorial).

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 Markus Strohmaier
Luca Aiello
Claudia Wagner
Ingmar Weber
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