CV of Carl S. Sweatman

2008-now:    University of Gloucestershire
PhD (student): New Testament and Pauline Studies
   - Thesis: "Spirit, Cross, Wisdom and Communal Discernment: A Critical and Eclectic Exploration of 1 Corinthians 2.1--3.4"
   - Supervisors:  Dr. Andrew T. Lincoln and Dr. Lloyd K. Pietersen
2005-08:      Cincinnati Christian University (Seminary)
Master of Arts: New Testament Research
   - Thesis: "2 Corinthians 10-13 and Paul's Use of Ethos in Light of Ancient Near Eastern and Jewish Wisdom Traditions"
   - Advisor:  Dr. William Baker
   - 2nd Reader:  Dr. Thomas Olbricht
1998-2002:  Cincinnati Christian University (College)
Bachelor of Arts: Biblical Studies & Children's Ministry
1996-98:      Atlanta Christian College
None due to transfer to above institution
1990-95:      Shamrock High School (8th-12th grade)
Academic Diploma

2008:                Stone Campbell Journal Promising Scholar Award

2005-now:        Society of Biblical Literature

2009:                   Adjunct Tutor
2007-08:              Adjunct Professor
2006-08:              Research Assistant to Dr. Tom Thatcher
2006 (Jan-Jun):    Research Assistant to Dr. Bill Weber

Paul's Letters
Paul's Life (chronology)
Ancient Letter Writing
Rhetorical Studies
Jewish Wisdom Traditions
Wisdom in the Ancient Near East

-Reference Articles-
2010 (TBA):          Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture (Baylor University Press)
- "Book of Life"
- "Mystery"
- "Signs of the Times"
- "Twinkling of an Eye"
-Book Reviews-
2010 (TBA):          European Journal of Theology
- Andrew Radde-Gallwitz, Basil of Casaeara, Gregory of Nyssa, and the Transformation of Divine Simplicity (2009)
2010 (TBA):          European Journal of Theology
- William A. Dembski, The End of Christianity: Finding a Good God in An Evil World (2009)
- Sean A. McDonough, Christ as Creator: Origins of a New Testament Doctrine (2009)
2010:            Stone Campbell Journal 13.1
    - Gerald Bray (ed.), Commentaries on Romans and 1-2 Corinthians: Ambrosiaster (2009)
2009:           Stone Campbell Journal 12.2
- Yung Suk Kim, Christ's Body at Corinth: The Politics of a Metaphor (2009)
2009:                   Stone Campbell Journal 12.1
    - Michael J. Gorman, Reading Paul (2008)

-Full Courses-
2008:  Pauline Epistles (BNT 2303-07)
2008:  Pauline Epistles (BNT 2303-06)
2008:  Pauline Epistles (BNT 2303-05)
2007:  Hermeneutics (BEX 2004-01)
2009:                  Pauline Theology & Christian Ethics (CMT 218), with Neil Richardson
- "Paul: His World and His (Modern) Interpreters"
- "The Thessalonian Correspondence"
- "The Corinthian Correspondence"
- "The Epistle to the Galatians"
- "The Epistle to the Romans"
-Guest Lectures-
2008 (Mar):         Acts of the Apostles (BNT 1503-04)
  -"Paul's 'Gospel' to the Jews and the Gentiles"
2008 (Feb):         Gospel of John (BNT 324)
  -"The Calling of the First Disciples (John 1.19-2.11)
2007 (Oct-Nov):  Old Testament Poetry (BOT 270-02)
  -"Introduction to the book of Ecclesiastes and the Essence of Hevel Hevelim"
  -"Introduction to book of Job"
  -"The Speeches of Job's 'Friends' and the Struggle with Theodicy"
2007 (Oct):         Old Testament Poetry (BOT 270-01)
  -"Introduction to the book of Ecclesiastes and the Essence of Hevel Hevelim"
2007 (Apr):         Johannine Literature (BNT 360)
  -"The Spirit and the Vine ( John 14.16-16.11)
2006 (Nov):         Life and Teachings of Jesus (BNT 520)
  -"Entering the Kingdom of God"
2006 (Apr):         Hermeneutics (BEX 200)
  -"Biblical Genres"
  -"Wisdom Literature in biblical and Extra-biblical Texts"
-Church Electives-
2006-07:              East End Christian Church--Cincinnati, OH
    -"On the Theology of John's Revelation: A Detailed Look at the book of Revelation"
2005 (Sep-Oct):    East End Christian Church--Cincinnati, OH
    -"Answering the Tough Questions: A Study in Basic Apologetics"
2005 (Jun-Jul):     Eastside Christian Church--Clarksville, IN
    -"Answering the Tough Questions: A Study in Basic Apologetics"
2004 (Apr-May):    McDonough Christian Church--McDonough, GA 
    -"Answering the Tough Questions: A Study in Basic Apologetics"

2004 (Feb-Jun):    McDonough Christian Church--McDonough, GA
    -Interim Children's Minister
2002-03:              Plum Creek Christian Church--Butler, KY
    -Children's Minister
1999-2000:          Lincoln Hills Christian Church--Corydon, IN
    -Children's Ministry Intern
1997-98:              Peachtree City Christian Church--Peachtree City, GA
    -Children's Ministry Intern
1996 (May-Aug):   Spring Road Christian Church--Lanett, AL
    -Children's Ministry Intern