CSS-eXplorer is a CSS and HTML plug-in for Notepad++ (UNICODE & ANSI).

It allows easy navigation and edit of CSS files with Notepad++.


  1. TreeView: Allows easy navigation in CSS file.

  2. Validation Service: Check errors in CSS file, and provide detailed report.

  3. Web Page Preview: Test your work on CSS file immediately via HTML Web Page Preview Window.

  4. CSS Editor:  Add new parameters and design options to CSS file quickly and easily (support CSS 2.0 defines). 
                                   4 Design sections:

                                   1. Text – Add text design to the CSS file.
                                   2. Display – Add background, and choose position.
                                   3. Border – Add Border Style and Width.
                                   4. Dimension – Set Padding and Margin.

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About & Contact:

This plug-in has been developed as part of final project
in the Academic College of Tel-Aviv - Yaffo, 
under the supervision of Dr. Tal Hassner.

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