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Welcome to website of the Collegedale Spanish-American Church Pathfinder club.  We are members of the Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-Day-Adventists and are located in the city of Collegedale, in Eastern Tennessee USA.  Our Church is located on the campus of Southern Adventist University. 

The members of our club organization are known as the Navigators and our motto is

Setting our course toward Heaven!

To find out more about  Pathfinders and the world-wide Pathfinder program, click HERE

The Pledge

By the grace of God

I will be pure, kind and true.

I will keep the Pathfinder law. 

I will be a servant of 
God and a friend to man.

The Law is for me to

Keep the morning watch

Do my honest part
Care for my body
Keep a level eye
Be courteous and obedient
Walk softly in the sanctuary
Keep a song in my heart,
Go on God's errand.

The Pathfinder Song:


Oh, we are the Pathfinder Strong,
The servants of God are we
Faithful as we march along,
In kindness, truth, and purity
A Message to tell to the world
A truth that will set us free!
King Jesus the Savior's coming back
For you, and me!


Soy Conquistador fuerte y fiel
Un siervo de Dios yo soy
Fieles marcharemos si,
Por la senda del deber.
Mensaje tenemos que dar
Verdad que os libertara
muy pronto el Señor Jesus 
vendra por ti, por mi.